Healthy Hair Starts With A Healthy Body ®

Healthy Hair logoHealthy Hair Starts with a Healthy Body™ is a community-based lay health education program which was launched in 1999.  Healthy Hair is an innovative program that strives to encourage healthy eating and physical activity, among African American women in Michigan.  The program is comprised of two components: a 30-day intervention (Phase 1) designed to increase clients' awareness of several key health improvement steps and measure their progress toward taking one or more of those steps, and a 90-day intervention (Phase 2) during which 'veteran' Healthy Hair stylists help clients track their progress toward specific health goals.

Healthy Hair lesson pictureThe Healthy Hair, Phase 1 lay health education strategy begins with the NKFM training African American hair stylists in how to discuss nutrition- and physical activity-focused chronic disease prevention strategies with their clients.  The intensive one-day training provides stylists with information about good nutrition and the importance of physical activity, as well as detailed instruction and practice in conducting client "health chats."  The health chat, which is the centerpiece of the stylist-client intervention, involves hair stylists sharing the information they learned at the training with their clients and encouraging them to improve their health by doing one or more of the following:

  • Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables
  • Increase consumption of whole-grain foods
  • Increase consumption of non-fat or low-fat milk or dairy products
  • Engage in regular physical activity
  • Stylists help clients to focus on the healthy lifestyle messages communicated during the health chats combined with educational literature.

When clients return to the salon after approximately one month, stylists have a second health chat with them to re-emphasize the above steps and assess progress to-date.  Clients complete program survey forms at each health chat so the effectiveness of the Healthy Hair intervention can be measured using a pre and post tests.

The Healthy Hair, Phase 2 program builds upon the lay health educator skill sets acquired by stylists during previous Healthy Hair, Phase 1 campaigns.  In Phase 2, 'veteran' Healthy Hair stylists assist their clients with establishing specific healthy lifestyle goals related to nutrition and physical activity. Stylists provide encouragement during a series of four health chats that take place over a three-month period. Program tools that help support clients in achieving their goals include a progress chart, nutrition and physical activity diaries, dry-erase refrigerator calendars, and monthly check-ins with their stylist.  Information provided on the progress charts is analyzed to determine the degree to which clients met their goals.  

For more information on the Healthy Hair program, call the NKFM at 800-482-1455.

Calling All Barbers & Stylists:

HH TrainingWe are always looking for interested stylists and barbers to help us improve the lives and health of our community!

Check back for updates on our next training dates. Until then, you can inquire about the Healthy Hair program in the Detroit area by calling the NKFM-Detroit Branch at 313-259-1574 or in the West Michigan area by calling the NKFM-Grand Rapids Branch at 616-458-9520.

Thank you!

dLife-ful Berry Smoothie

A healthy and delicious blend of blueberries, banana, and tofu.
Prep Time: 5 minutes | Cook Time: 0 minutes | Servings: 2 | Difficulty: Easy

1/2 cup low fat milk (can substitute soy milk or rice milk)
6 oz silken tofu (or 6 oz plain yogurt)
1 cup frozen blueberries (do not thaw) 1/2 small banana
1/2 tsp almond extract
1 tbsp brown flaxseed meal
1/2 tsp sugar substitute

Mix all of the ingredients in a blender until well blended.
Pour and enjoy.
Per Serving
145.2 Calories; Total Carbs: 21.9g; Dietary Fiber: 3.7g; Sugars: 14.5g; Total Fat: 4.4g (0.7g Saturated, 3.7g
Unsaturated); Potassium: 219mg; Protein: 7.2g; Sodium: 37.6mg
Dietary Exchanges: 1/2 Fat, 1 Fruit, 1/2 Meat, 1/4 Milk

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Healthy Hair Styling Tip

Six Tips For Dry and Brittle Hair

The most common reasons for dry and brittle hair can usually be found within your hair care regimen. Over-processing with chemicals, excessive use of heat, lack of moisture, and using the wrong hair products are just a few. So what can you do to solve it?

1. Increase your deep conditioning sessions. Opt for at least once a week.
2. Moisturize your hair and ends daily.
3. Cut back on the heat. If you’re using heat daily, try to at least reduce it to once a week.
4. Protect your hair with satin/silk scarves and pillowcases at night.
5. Let go of the dead weight. If your hair is damaged, just cut it and get it over with.
6. Try protective hairstyling; buns, braids, wigs or anything that will shield your hair and ends from the elements.

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Exercise Tips for Women

Think exercise during your daily routine.  Make sure your body is in proper alignment for the optimum benefits in exercising.  Your shoulders should remain back, down and relaxed.  You should also practice holding the abdominal muscles in during the course of your day and while exercising.  When you breathe, make sure you’re taking the air into the nostrils first then exhaling out of pursed lips.  Make sure to hydrate often while exercising and during the course of the day.  Even if you don’t feel thirsty, make sure your body has water on reserve.  This is important in hot weather as well as cold weather.  Avoid sugary drinks and caffeinated beverages.  Your first choice for your body’s sake is water. Make sure to eat a balanced diet and watch your portions.  You can virtually sabotage the best exercise regiment if you’re not watching your portions and eating a balanced diet.

The information here is for educational purposes only and any use is at your own risk, the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan bears no responsibility thereof.
Always consult your physician before beginning a nutritional or exercise program. Never disregard professional advice or delay seeking it.  This information is not to substitute the advice of physician, trainer, or medical professional.  Always seek professional help for medical conditions.

What are Healthy Hair Starts with a Healthy Body & Dodge the Punch?

The Healthy Hair Starts with a Healthy Body and Dodge the Punch programs are community based initiatives that target African-American men and women who are disproportionately affected with chronic kidney disease. The program provides one-day training for stylists and barbers to educate them about kidney disease and the primary contributors, obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. After completion of the training, stylists and barbers are prepared to talk with their clients about healthy lifestyle changes and risk factors for chronic kidney disease.

What is the targeted impact of these programs on the community?

To prevent kidney disease by educating the community on the benefits of good nutrition and physical activity.. In addition, the programs facilitate positive lifestyle changes within the community; having reached 7,272 individuals since 1999.

How do I (stylist/barber) qualify to participate?

  • Contact the NKFM branch office closest to you:    
    Detroit: 313-259-1574    
    Flint: 810-232-0522    
    Grand Rapids: 616-458-9520
  • Have an interest in your health and the community you serve
  • Stylists and barbers must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must be a licensed cosmetologist or barber
  • Have not previously participated in the program within the last 12 months. Stylists and barbers are allowed to participate in the Healthy Hair and Dodge the Punch programs once per calendar year.
  • Attend a one-day training held in the community
  • Sign an agreement committing to participate in the program

Where are one-day trainings held?

The trainings are held at NKFM regional branch offices, community centers and salons.

Are there any out-of-pocket expenses?

There are no out-of-pocket costs to you. NKFM will provide you with any information needed to participate in the Healthy Hair and Dodge the Punch programs.

Can I refer other barbers/stylists to participate in Healthy Hair Starts with a Healthy Body?

Yes! By referring a barber or stylist who meets the requirements outlined in Question 3, you are eligible to qualify for referral compensation. The stylist or barber you refer must participate in the Healthy Hair/Dodge the Punch training, complete the program, and produce a minimum of 25 approved client conversation chats. Upon completion of the above, at the end of the campaign, you will receive compensation for the individuals you referred.