Board of Directors

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The volunteer Board of Directors of the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan is responsible for management and oversight of the business and affairs of the organization in accordance with the Bylaws. This includes management of the foundation assets (funds, intellectual property, trademarks, and support equipment) and allocation of foundation resources to projects.

Jin-Kyu Koh

President and CEO
Linda Smith-Wheelock

Vice Chairman
John Magee, MD

Immediate Past Chair
Andrew Boschma

George Bailey

Andrew Hopper

John A. Barker *
Mark Behm *
Lomas Brown
Josh Bryant
Malisa Bryant
M. David Campbell *
Daniel M. Carney
Janice Frazier *
Jon Krebs
Duane McLean
Myra Moreland
Merritt Norvell, PhD *
Robert Provenzano, MD *
Patrick Rugiero
Cynthia H. Shannon *
David Shepherd
Sandeep Soman, MD *
Hon. Kurtis T. Wilder *
Mark E. Wilson

* Ex-Officio