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  Not Given to the Swift by Cynthia N. Hicks July 6, 2020 > more
Kelli Sewell, committed to her health and becoming a nurse
Kelli Sewell from Detroit’s East Side has survived the pandemic so far and is surviving kidney disease thanks to a kidney transplant in June 2017. She fears that her husband Anthony, hospitalized (not with COVID) since November 2020, may not return home. Having successfully raised three sons, one with sickle cell disease, on her own, Kelli says she doesn’t waste any time feeling sorry for herself. In fact, she turns those negative feelings into action. > more
Almyra Rourke , Fitness is centenarian’s secret to long life
Ypsilanti resident Almyra Rourke turned 100 years young in March. She’s a trim, petite woman, mentally sharp, who looks to be maybe in her 70s. Of course, everyone asks her, “What’s your secret to living so long?” Almyra’s answer is simple: “Don’t stop moving.” > more

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