Alan Zander

Alan Zander, Participant, Diabetes Prevention Program

Alan Zander, resident of Farmington Hills, joined the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan’s  Diabetes Prevention Program in January 2015. He was one of five participants who participated in a workshop at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital. Although his group was smaller than most Diabetes Prevention Program workshops, he raves about how close he and his fellow participants became in just 16 weeks and how much he benefited from the program.

After Alan learned from his doctor that he had prediabetes, he knew he had to make some lifestyle changes.

“This program had a light at the end of the tunnel that seemed like it could actually do something for me. This was the first program I tried that was a real lifestyle change and not a diet.”

Alan really enjoyed that the Diabetes Prevention Program builds upon itself, and teaches the lifestyle changes gradually over the 16 weekly session. After setting his goals, he was able to see his weight loss progress and started to feel physically better.

“The program was simple for me because of the way we started off by just tracking our food intake, and not counting calories. As the program went on and I began tracking fat grams and physical activity it came very easy to me.”

Alan explained that lifestyle change is never perfect, but because the changes he made were minor, he eventually hit his goals. Also, it helped that his fellow participants were all in the “joint challenge” together.

Alan’s positivity and determination to live a healthier life helped him to lose 40 pounds at the end of the first 16 weeks! When asked if he would recommend the program to others, he had a very positive response: “I don’t encourage my friends and family to think about joining the Diabetes Prevention Program, I encourage them to just plain do it!”

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