Johnnie Jones

Johnnie Jones, Participant, EnhanceFitness

Johnnie Jones lights up a room with her smile. And that smile only gets wider as she talks about EnhanceFitness. Johnnie has been attending EnhanceFitness (EF) classes several times a week for the past six years at the St. John Riverview Senior Wellness Center at 7733 East Jefferson in Detroit. “I love the class! My coaches are Ella Stone and Lindy Talison and I just love them,” says Johnnie.

Since doing EF regularly, Johnnie says that her legs feel better and she can do a lot of walking. She also enjoys the stretches. “I can tell that I’m much better with balancing, too. It helps everything.”

EnhanceFitness is an evidence-based one-hour physical activity program specifically designed for adults, but all ages can participate. The programs are inclusive and can be modified for adults with different abilities and fitness levels. The classes are taught by certified and EF-trained fitness instructors.

“It helps your body as you get older. The stretches help your muscles. I definitely move around better and sleep better,” explained Johnnie. “I have more energy. It’s like I don’t need recharging as much.”

The NKFM has offered EF since 2008. The program focuses on cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, flexibility and balance. Every participant has access to a chair for seated or standing exercises. Instructors conduct functional fitness assessments on participants, look for any risk factors, help with setting goals and motivate the class.

“This is a unique experience where people can get a good workout in a nonjudgmental environment. No special equipment is necessary and we modify the moves depending on participants’ abilities. You can stand or sit in a chair,” states Lisa Klinkman, NKFM Program Specialist. “The classes give people a sense of independence and also provide a social component.”

The NKFM offers EF classes throughout southeast Michigan, in Genesee and Saginaw counties and Grand Rapids. Many of the weekly ongoing classes are no-cost for participants. A few require a small fee or ask for a donation.

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