Mary Jo Frank

Mary Jo Frank, Participant, Diabetes Prevention Program

After trying commercial weight loss programs, Mary Jo Frank of Dexter, Michigan found her weight fluctuating and had given up on reaching a healthy weight. However, with encouragement from a friend, she joined the  Diabetes Prevention Program in January 2015. She started the program thinking she was “too old” to lose a significant amount of weight. Oh, how she was wrong. 

Mary Jo is a strong believer in the Diabetes Prevention Program and thinks the program’s structure is easy to follow and stick to.

“Among the program’s many strengths are the enthusiastic instructors who lead meetings and are available in between to encourage and answer questions,” said Mary Jo. “The Diabetes Prevention Program also encourages setting a realistic, attainable weight loss goal.”

Mary Jo has completed the year-long program and surpassed her original weight loss goal, totaling over 25 pounds!

“Tracking fat grams and calories daily, along with exercising and weighing myself at least five days a week helped me lose weight and maintain the loss, even during the winter holidays,” said May Jo.

Mary Jo has an upbeat attitude and is committed to living a healthy lifestyle. She said it is fun to wear a smaller size and to hear compliments about the weight loss, but knows this program is about more than the frills.

“The biggest payoffs are feeling stronger and more energetic and knowing I’m doing what I can to avoid diabetes.”

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