A Matter of Balance

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The health and safety of everyone involved with our organization is very important to the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan.

Click here for information regarding any changes happening to upcoming programs in regards to COVID-19.


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About A Matter of Balance

A Matter of Balance is the newest evidence-based program that is designed to reduce the fear of falling and increase the activity levels of older adults who have concerns about falls.  

Our current classes have been pushed to virtual settings due to Covid-19. Please fill out the Inquiry Form and we'll be sure to contact you when new programs are scheduled in your area. 

Balance & Safety Tips While at Home During Covid-19:

Visit the NIH website and scroll down for exercises that can improve your balance.

Stay safe with these tips

  • Find a good balance and exercise program
  • Talk to your health care provider to assess your risk for falling
  • Review your medications with your doctor or pharmacist
  • Get your vision and hearing checked
  • Keep your home and work place safe
  • Talk to your family members 

The Area Agencies on Aging have scheduled A Matter of Balance workshops statewide.  Please contact your local AAA at http://mi-seniors.net or LaShawn Griffin at 800-482-1455 or by email l[email protected] for more information on workshops in your area.