Splash Bash

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The NKFM and Health Alliance Plan are keeping adults healthy and fit this summer by offering water aerobics programs in six communities across Michigan with indoor and outdoor pools: Detroit, Flint, Marine City, Southfield, Troy and Warren.


Splash Bash is FREE and open to the public and classes are geared toward adults. This low-impact, calorie burning workout can be ideal for anyone, even people with arthritis or other chronic conditions! The buoyancy of the water reduces stress on joints, bones and muscles. Some of the participating pools have zero-depth entry, which makes it easier to enter and exit the pool.


If you're looking for a fun way to stay in shape this summer, or if you have trouble exercising on land make a healthy splash with Splash Bash!


*Session times vary from site to site and may not be ongoing throughout the year. Please contact the recreation centers directly for the most accurate offerings



Location Days Contact

Coleman Young Recreation Center
2751 Robert Bradby Drive, Detroit

Wednesdays  |  Fridays  313-628-0995

Williams Recreation Center
8431 Rosa Parks Blvd., Detroit
Mondays  |  Wednesdays 313-628-2039

University of Michigan-
Flint Recreation Center
303 East Kearsley, Flint

Tuesdays  |  Thursdays 

Marine City High School
1085 Ward St., Marine City
Tuesdays  |  Thursdays 

Southfield Municipal Complex
26000 Evergreen, Southfield

Mondays  |  Wednesdays  |  Saturdays
(Outdoor pool, summer only)

Indoor Municipal Pool
3179 Livernois, Troy
Tuesdays  |  Thursday

Warren Community Center
5460 Arden Rd., Warren 
Fridays  586-268-840
Oak Park Community Center
14300 Oak Park Blvd, Oak Park

Monday  |  Wednesday  |  Friday
(Outdoor pool, summer only)