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Donating to the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan 

Donate to the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan

Generous supporters have helped the NKFM to provide prevention and patient service programs to countless Michigan residents in the past year.  Thank you for giving a gift today to the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan by clicking on the DONATE NOW button on the right or sending a check.  Find out more about the programs and services you're supporting by viewing the 2017 Programs & Services Sheet.

If you have any questions about giving to the NKFM, please contact Kathy McGrath at or call 734-222-9800. Thank you for your support! 

You can also make a monthly gift or a gift of stock or appreciated assets. Please contact Kathy McGrath at the information above.

Checks should be made payable to NKFM or National Kidney Foundation of Michigan
1169 Oak Valley Drive
Ann Arbor, MI  48108

National Kidney Foundation of Michigan is approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (C) (3) tax-exempt organization, and all donations are tax deductible to the extent provided by law. The National Kidney Foundation of Michigan Federal Identification Number (EIN) is 38-1559941.

Eli's Story:

What should have been a routine ultrasound to find out the gender of our baby revealed a problem with his developing kidneys and bladder. The extent of the problem was not clear, and we held out hope that the issues would be minor.  He continued to develop normally and when he was born he seemed to be a perfectly healthy baby boy.
We quickly learned that Eli’s kidneys and bladder were severely damaged during development and would not function normally.  At three weeks old, Eli began nightly dialysis to replace his kidney function. We knew the best treatment for Eli was a kidney transplant so we spent the next two years treating Eli the best we could, trying to get him to the point where he would be big enough to receive a new kidney.
When the time came to find Eli a kidney we were elated to learn that I was a perfect match!  On June 15, 2015, his 2nd birthday, he received his new kidney and a better way of life. In the 18 months since the transplant Eli has grown over 6 inches taller, has endless energy, and acts like a normal 3 1/2 year old.
Although Eli is happy and healthy today, we know that a kidney transplant is not a cure.  There will be difficulty ahead and a lifetime of medications and doctor visits. Working with the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan provides us a system of support and encouragement. It is our hope that, through funds provided by donations, the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan will aid in the research of better, more sustainable treatments for kidney disease. 
Rachel Rost
Eli’s Mother

Letter From Daniel M. Carney, President & CEO

Dear Friends,
Thankfully, Eli received the gift of life from his mother, making it possible for him to live a full and active childhood. The NKFM has had the privilege of providing a “system of support and encouragement” to Eli and his family as well as to the thousands of people affected by kidney disease and their families that we serve each year.
While it’s true that we are fighting kidney disease, this fight is not a single disease fight. So, in addition to our patient support services, we continue to offer a broad array of prevention and education programs. These programs are focused on addressing obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure, the leading causes of kidney disease. 
Your support is needed, now more than ever, as the number of people affected by chronic kidney disease continues to grow. 
Thank you for your support in the fight against kidney disease. Help us continue to be there for Eli, his family and so many more by making your gift today at or by using the enclosed envelope.
On behalf of those we serve – thank you! 
Daniel M. Carney
President & CEO

Supporting Our Mission

The National Kidney Foundation of Michigan has many opportunities for you to give to support our mission.  Each gift contributes to creating a healthier Michigan. Through our Programs for Early Childhood Health, we hope to educate every child how to protect their health by eating better and exercising more. Through our Prevention & Education programs we aim to create a place where diabetes and kidney disease are no longer epidemics, where dialysis units are not needed, and where everyone needing a transplant would receive one without a wait. Find out more about the programs and services you're supporting as well as how the NKFM is rated by the nation's leading charity evaluators by viewing the 2016 Programs & Ratings Sheet.

This vision for a healthier Michigan inspires many to support the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan with a donation towards our programs and services. You can read more about our dream by viewing our Healthier Michigan Case Statement.  You can help us realize this dream my making a gift today by calling 800-482-1455, or give online.

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. To find out if your company has a matching gift policy, click here.


Giving a gift in memory of a loved one that has been impacted by kidney disease is a thoughtful way to contribute to the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan. For some, this provides a hope and healing at a time of grief. You can give online or pay by cash or check using this Donation Form. A notification will be sent to the recipient you indicate.

Family members wishing to have memorial envelopes on hand, please contact Kathy McGrath at Or check with the funeral home director.

In Honor

What a special way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion by making a donation in honor of an individual or couple.  You can give online or pay by cash or check using this Donation Form. A notification will be sent to the recipient you indicate.

Please contact Kathy McGrath at if you would like to talk about customizing donation options for special occasions.

Planned Giving

There is a way to contribute to the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan that benefits others for generations to come. Planned giving offers an opportunity to give for the future of the NKFM and can create a difference in personally satisfying ways.

Planned giving can be accomplished through many different forms such as wills, trusts, life insurance, gift annuities, pay on death accounts, gifts of securities, and retirement plan assets. A planned gift is one that fits well into your overall financial and estate planning, often allowing you to enjoy tax and financial benefits. Through a planned gift, you may be able to save more taxes, increase your retirement income, or provide more cost-effective support for a loved one. But you also have the opportunity to make a personal statement, to make a larger gift than might otherwise be possible, to help shape our future, and leave a lasting legacy.

Would you like to learn more about planned giving? If so, please feel free to complete the Planned Giving Form or feel free to email or call Kathy McGrath at 734-222-9800 or


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Kidney Cars

Donate your used car, truck, or boat to the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan and you could be eligible for a tax deduction. Your vehicle will be picked up for free and the proceeds from the sale will benefit the many programs and services of the NKFM. Donating your car is simple. Call 800-488-CARS or visit for more information.