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The health and safety of everyone involved with our organization is very important to the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan. Most of our events and workshops have been postposed or are being delivered remotely. However, we're still here to offer patient services, support, remote classes, resources, online fundraising, and much more. If you need support with basic resources like utilities, visit the NKFM's Resources page for more information. Additional information can be found on the event and program pages.

Below are a few resources we've gathered to help you learn more about COVID-19. Please consult your local health department for the most up to date information. 

Facts about COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccines:

What is COVID-19?
COVID-19 is an infectious respiratory illness caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It can cause mild to severe illness, and can sometimes lead to death or lasting health problems. The best way to protect yourself from COVID-19 is to get vaccinated and practice social distancing, mask-wearing, hand hygiene, and stay away from others if you feel sick. 

COVID-19 symptoms
COVID-19 symptoms range from mild to severe and may appear 2-14 days after exposure of the virus. People with COVID-19 may feel some or all of these symptoms:
• Fever or chills
• Cough
• Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
• Fatigue
• Muscle or body aches
• Headache
• New loss of taste or smell
• Sore throat
• Congestion or runny nose
• Nausea or vomiting
• Diarrhea

How COVID-19 spreads
COVID-19 is spread in three ways:

  1. Breathing in infected droplets when in close contact to an infected person.
  2. The infected droplets land on the eyes, nose, or mouth of another person. This can happen from coughs or sneezes.
  3. A person touching a contaminated surface and then touching their eyes, nose, or mouth.

Why getting vaccinated is important
Getting a COVID-19 vaccine is the most effective way to protect yourself, your family, and your community. The vaccines can keep you from getting and spreading the virus and can keep you from getting seriously ill if you do get COVID-19.

The National Kidney Foundation of Michigan is committed to the health and safety of those we serve in order to prevent kidney disease and improve the quality of life for those living with it. Part of this commitment includes stopping the spread of COVID-19. Individuals with chronic kidney disease are at a higher risk of having severe complications from COVID-19 and COVID-19 can lead to acute kidney injury and reduced kidney function.  We strongly recommend all eligible individuals receive a COVID-19 vaccine to protect themselves and their community.

COVID-19 Vaccine Resources:

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COVID-19 Resources:

For people with kidney disease:

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For people with diabetes: 

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For the general public:

Resources from United Way for Southeastern Michigan for Coronavirus. 

County Response Efforts & Priorities from the National Association of Counties

Information regarding what Michigan is doing for Coronavirus.

Information regarding what the CDC is doing for Coronavirus.

En Español:

Esté preparado: Preparación del Paciente Renal para el Coronavirus - en español.