About the Swartz/Ferriter Scholarship


The Swartz/Ferriter Scholarship program awards monetary scholarships to individuals who are on dialysis or who have received a kidney transplant. The awards are paid directly to the educational institution. Students may receive the award up to two times. Learn more about the program here.

Who Can Apply?

Applicants to the Scholarship Program must:

1. Be on dialysis or received a kidney transplant.
2. Be a resident of Michigan.
3. Be enrolled or planning to enroll in a course of study at an accredited college, university, trade, technical, or vocational school. Can be full or part-time, taking a minimum of 3 credit hours. Online classes are eligible.
4. Have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (4.0 scale).


How to Apply

1. Complete and submit the Scholarship Application. The application submission deadline is April 1, 2021.
2. Submit a copy of your most recent transcript. If transcript is not available, successful life experience will be considered.
3. Have a social worker, teacher/instructor, supervisor or healthcare professional complete the Applicant Recommendation form included in the Scholarship Application.

If you have any additional questions about scholarships, contact Cynthia Nichols-Jackson at [email protected] or 800-482-1455.


Mary Brennan Award

The NKFM is excited to announce the Mary Brennan Award as part of the Swartz/Ferriter Scholarship Program. The award was established to honor Mary Brennan who donated a kidney. This $1,000 Scholarship is available as an additional award to scholarship recipients who are on dialysis and in financial need. Interested applicants should check the appropriate box on the Swartz/Ferriter Scholarship Application to be considered for the award.


The NKFM Swartz/Ferriter Scholarship Program Committee has the sole responsibility of selecting recipients based on the criteria as set forth in the application. Scholarships are awarded without regard to age, race, creed, color, disability, gender, religion or national origin. Recipients are selected on the basis of past academic performance and the potential to succeed in their chosen academic program. Also considered are participation and leadership in school and community activities, work experience, honors, awards, education and career goals, and unusual personal or family circumstances. All awarded scholarships are final. The amount of scholarship grants varies from year to year. All information received from applicants is considered confidential and is reviewed only by the NKFM Swartz/Ferriter Scholarship Program Committee.