Early Childhood & Elementary Education Programs

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Peach logoThe National Kidney Foundation of Michigan (NKFM), through the support of the Michigan Nutrition Network and Michigan Department of Community Health, offers a wide variety of innovative and creative early childhood health education and health behavior change programs. The PEACH programs educate and empower families, childcare providers, teachers and children to make healthy changes in their schools, early childcare centers and homes. Our programs reach those most in need – children and families from schools and neighborhoods that lack healthy food choices, sound nutritional information, and other vital health-related resources. Children in these programs learn and adopt nutritional and physical activity behaviors that prevent chronic disease, promote their well-being and ultimately place them on a path to join a generation of healthy, prepared learners.

Regie’s Rainbow Adventure® is a nutrition and physical activity classroom-based curriculum for preschool and early elementary-aged children. The seven-week program chronicles the adventures of Regie, a superhero (who looks like a piece of broccoli), who travels to several islands that correspond with the colors of the rainbow. This free curriculum includes a set of books for the classroom, a healthy food sampling component, and supplemental handouts and lessons for teachers and parents.



PE-Nut logoPE-Nut is a nutrition and physical education program that uses a whole-school approach to motivate students, parents and educators to be physically active and eat healthier within the K-5 grades. Carefully linked to the Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations, PE-Nut provides a pathway to infuse nutrition and physical education while covering the specific material required by the state. The program incorporates a planned curriculum, food sampling, structured physical activity, books, take home bags, daily healthy messages, and even school-wide events.


In Healthy Families Start with YOU, early childhood professionals are trained to conduct a series of two health chats with participating parents or caregivers. The participants provide information about the nutrition and physical activity practices within their households and are asked to set a health behavior change goal. Parents receive support and health-related incentives and literature. In addition, the NKFM offers educational classes about healthy eating and physical activity to assist parents in achieving their goals.


Nap-Sacc logoNutrition And Physical activity Self-Assessment for Child Care (NAP SACC) is an intervention for early childhood educational settings that is aimed at improving nutrition and physical activity environments, policies and practices through self assessment and targeted technical assistance. Site staff complete a self-assessment, and, with the assistance of the NKFM staff, complete goal setting and action planning. The NKFM also provides workshops on nutrition and physical activity topics to early childcare staff.


peach resources logoVisit the PEACH Resources page to take a look at the curriculum, tools, and free material used throughout the NKFM's PEACH programs.