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HFSY logoHealthy Families Start with You is an empowering program dedicated to fostering a healthier generation.  In this program, lay health educators are trained to conduct a series of two health chats with participating parents or caregivers.  This is a self-assessment designed to make participants’ lives healthier. By creating healthy goals and receiving nutrition information, participants work to improve their lives, as well as the lives of their family members. In addition, the NKFM offers educational classes about healthy eating and physical activity to assist parents in achieving their goals.

Through the HFSY program, participants have shown:

  • A POSITIVE change in their health behaviors from chat 1 to chat 2
  • An INCREASE in fruit, vegetable, whole grain, and low-fat dairy consumption on a daily basis
  • A DECREASE in fast food and pop consumption on a daily basis

Success Stories:

“Brought attention to what areas in my life I need to change to be healthier” –Participant

“It has challenged me to exercise more often & check my sugar intake.” –Participant

“Just gave me more advice on how to live a happy healthier lifestyle and what an impact I can make in my child’s life.” –Participant

“It has helped me become aware of diabetes/how I can make changes to reduce my risk of getting diabetes.” -Participant

One participant indicated that she lost 12 pounds & the program motivated her to continue to lose more weight. She was provided with resources to change her cooking habits and cut out salt.

The National Kidney Foundation of Michigan staff are available to provide trainings, materials, and technical assistance to participating early childhood sites.  This program has been implemented in a variety of child care settings by various staff, including family service workers and advocates, nurses, teachers, cooks, community members, and parents.

Partnering sites can host fitness and nutrition demonstrations for program participants.  Contact your program coordinator today about scheduling a health demonstration.

To learn more about this program, please contact:
Shaun Taft
(313) 259-1574  ext. 319
[email protected]

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