PE-Nut Lesson Activities

PE-Nut™ stands for Physical Education and Nutrition working together and is delivered by the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan. PE-Nut™ uses a whole-school approach to motivate students, parents, and staff to live healthier lives. NKFM staff are committed to connecting students and their family and teachers with resources to encourage the adoption of healthy eating and physical activity. Each month, a new PE-Nut™ lesson will be posted on Click on the tab that reflects the grade you teach. If you teach a split-level class, click on the tab that best reflects the learning level of your students.

Our hope is for PE-Nut™ to remain a program that your students can look forward to. We will be working with you to provide your students with access to the program – whatever you want that to look like for your classroom. We hope you find these activities fun and educational. Please send any feedback or requests to: [email protected].


Are you looking for more information on the PE-Nut program? Visit our PE-Nut Program page.


The Healthy Schools, Healthy Communities™ (HSHC™) curriculum provides lessons that teach K-5 students about proper handwashing, MyPlate, physical activity, and food sources. HSHC™ lessons are about 25 minutes in length and include an interactive activity, FitBit™, and discussion on a healthy food item. Involving families is an important part of HSHC™. Please remember to share the lesson letter with families.

Lesson One

In this lesson, students will learn how germs spread as well as how and why to properly wash their hands.

Click here to access Lesson One: Handwashing 

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Once the lesson is completed, please remember to send home the lesson family letter.

Lesson Two

In this lesson, students will learn about the five food groups on MyPlate and the importance of eating foods from all groups at every meal.

Click here to access Lesson Two: Food Groups

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Lesson Three 

This lesson is all about physical activity. Students will learn why it is important and ways to keep their body moving.

Click here to access Lesson Three: Physical Activity 

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Lesson Four 

In this lesson, students will learn how our healthy foods grow and end with a review of all lessons.

Click here to access Lesson Four: Growing Healthy Foods

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All Summer Lessons Letter

SNAP Resources

Online learning in a SNAP

  • Physical activity and nutrition videos created by trained SNAP-Ed Nutrition Educators across the state.

Meals 4 Kids

  • Assistance in finding meals available near you.

Healthy Eating

ChopChop Magazine

  • Subscribe to this free magazine with kid friendly recipes and cooking tips.

Eat Well in a SNAP

  • Helping you and your family eat healthy all month long.

Cooking Substitutions

  • Inside this document you will find tips on cooking substitutions, stretching your ingredients, and cooking on a budget. This information was provided by Share Our Strength.

Additional Kid-Friendly Enrichment Activities

Kids’ Corner from the United States Department of Agriculture

  • Coloring activities and puzzles for children of all ages.

NKFM YouTube: PE-Nut Playlist

  • Physical activity videos and healthy recipe demonstrations from NKFM nutrition educators.