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The National Kidney Foundation of Michigan (NKFM), through the support of the Michigan Nutrition Network and Michigan Department of Community Health, offers a wide variety of innovative and creative early childhood health education and health behavior change programs. The PEACH programs educate and empower families, childcare providers, teachers and children to make healthy changes in their schools, early childcare centers and homes. Our programs reach those most in need – children and families from schools and neighborhoods that lack healthy food choices, sound nutritional information, and other vital health-related resources. Children in these programs learn and adopt nutritional and physical activity behaviors that prevent chronic disease, promote their well-being and ultimately place them on a path to join a generation of healthy, prepared learners. 

These programs include a wide variety of helpful tips and resources. Some of these are listed below.

Our new Regie’s Rainbow Adventure book is now available for purchase! Thank you to the team of awesome individuals who helped create this book, which details the history and importance of Regie being a part of the Early Childhood Development setting. You'll get an insider's view of how Regie was created, learn about the serious health issues in early childhood, and hear from the creative people who continue to develop Regie's story, his image and classroom activities. You'll also visit a classroom with the team and see how the Regie program interacts with these young children. It's an exciting adventure and this unique book provides lots of ideas readers can use to consider bringing such a program to their communities. Click here to see.



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Healthy Family Times:

Health Family Times - February 2017
Health Family Times - January 2017
Healthy Family Times - December 2016
Healthy Family Times - November 2016
Healthy Family Times - October 2016
Healthy Family Times - September 2016

Cooking with Kids:

Cooking with Kids


Kid-friendly Recipes

Mini Lessons:

Grocery Store Bingo
Grocery Store Bingo - Fruit
Grocery Store Bingo - Veggies
All About Apples
Guess My Food
Lets Make a Fruit Tree
Watermelon Round-Up

Extra Resources:

Regie's Rainbow Adventure Coloring Sheets:

Fruit & Vegetable Tracker

Physical Activity Flashcards

Please feel free to use these resources with your own children or in your classroom but the materials can not be sold or changed.  © National Kidney Foundation of Michigan, 2014. All rights reserved.