NKFM CEO becomes Emeritus, COO takes over

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Dear Friends of the NKFM, 

On July 1, 2017 I stepped down as the Foundation’s President and CEO after 30 years in this role and 41 years as an NKFM employee.  In welcoming our new CEO, Linda Smith-Wheelock, I am also looking forward to a new role with the NKFM, President and CEO Emeritus. This role will allow me the opportunity to continue to work on existing tasks as well as take on new responsibilities within the foundation.  I also look forward to continuing my service in the workplace and as a member of the NKFM’s Board of Directors.

I’m usually not someone who spends much time on the past as I find what we’re doing today and looking forward to tomorrow more satisfying and energizing.  Still, there are times when reflection is a good thing and can be satisfying as well.  This is one of those times.  When I was hired by the NKFM on May 1, 1976 I thought the entry level position I started in would be short term.  It seemed inconceivable to me, at the time, that I would be writing the friends of the NKFM with the news that 41 years later I would be stepping down as President and CEO, one of just four people to hold this position in the agency’s 62 year history.

I have been asked many times how it is that I spent so many years working for the same organization.  The answer is simple.  The NKFM evolves to respond to current needs and we have reinvented ourselves a number of times.  This creates job satisfaction but more importantly, opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives every day.  Our philosophy and culture has kept me enthused and invigorated to the extent that I continue to look forward to the next day at the NKFM even after so many years.

While I continue my work in the Emeritus capacity I can do so with the knowledge that we are considered to be one of America’s top nonprofit organizations.  We serve more people with more programs than any other similar nonprofit.  We are innovative in our approach and committed to preventing kidney disease and improving the quality of life for those living with it.

It has been my honor to be this outstanding organization’s President and CEO these past 30 years.  I look forward to making more contributions to our cause.  I’ll be enthusiastically supporting the NKFM’s fifth CEO, Linda Smith-Wheelock, as she channels her tremendous talent, energy and dedication toward making the NKFM even more effective and successful.

Thank you to all who have helped the NKFM!

- Dan Carney