Thank you Dr. Sandeep Soman, for your years of service to the NKFM!

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Dr. Sandeep Soman is now our outgoing Scientific Advisory Board Chair. Thank you for your years of service to the NKFM!

During Dr. Soman’s leadership as Chair of the NKFM Scientific Advisory Board from 2015-2017, he:

  • successfully broadened the membership to include representation from more institutions, specialties, and research.
  • created a focus on engaging nephrology fellows in an effort to involve the next generation of nephrologists in NKFM work.
  • worked diligently to educate SAB members and other colleagues/key stakeholders about the evidence based programs offered by the NKFM (Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, Diabetes Prevention Program, Enhance Fitness) in order to build new partnerships and collaborative projects involving in their institutions to prevent and manage kidney disease.

Dr. Soman with Dr. Silas Norman, who is taking over as the new SAB chair.