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Learn more about the Regie's Rainbow Adventure program here! 

Welcome to the Regie’s Rainbow Adventure store! Below, you will be able to purchase the Regie’s Rainbow Adventure Curriculum. Once you have purchased the curriculum, you will have access to training videos, which will walk you through the step-by-step process in implementing this program in your classroom. These videos will go over the materials in the curriculum package, activities that can be done in the classroom, what makes up the Regie program, and the importance of healthy eating and physical activity for preschool aged children. You will also have access to additional supportive resources after your purchase of the curriculum.

Regie's Rainbow Adventure® Curriculum

This is our initial Regie Rainbow Adventure starter kit that will provide you with the tools you need to start teaching good nutrition!  It will also provide you with the ability to login to the site to see additional Regie Rainbow Adventure supporting videos and materials.


  • Membership to special videos on the site
  • Tote Bag
  • Small Regie® Poster
  • Regie® Intro Poster
  • 8 Regie® Books
  • Name Chart Poster with Stickers
  • Fruit and Veggie Cards
  • Regie® Puppet

Island of Smile Book


Counting Cash with Regie Book


Regie Puppet

The plush Regie puppet is one option for you to use to present the program, while telling stories or introducing fruits and vegetables to the children.